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  Technologies to Watch: A Look at Four That May Challenge Java’s Development Dominance
Subject:   What decade was that?
Date:   2005-10-20 17:55:44
From:   ikayak
Response to: What decade was that?

Good points. And you're absolutely right that I'm late to this party--thus the book, Beyond Java. There are many others like me. Languages are passionate subjects, no?

Dynamic languages are interesting to the Java community now because catalysts, like Ruby on Rails and even Groovy, are pushing them into the mainstream within the Java community. For the first time, I believe we have a credible alternative to Java and C# that's popular and clean. You can do programming right in Perl, PhP, and even VB, but I think it's reasonable to say that many people don't.

Similarly, continuations, while not new, are showing up in increasing numbers ion Java platforms, across several languages, so they are worth watching. My point in this article is that all of these things stand a real chance of breaking into the commercial mainstream.

Right or wrong, Java (and it's evil twin, .NET) is where most of the money is being spent right now, so I think I was justified in hiding my head in the sand, so to speak. But I think things are changing fast enough that we're going to start to see real change for the first time in a while.

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