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Subject:   Not maintainable or english
Date:   2005-10-21 09:11:50
From:   greg_barton
Response to: Not maintainable or english

To your example, how about: use the red and yellow bowls for ketchup and mustard.

In English, strictly speaking, this is ambiguous. Can I use a yellow bowl for ketchup? Maybe. If you say, "You didn't understand..." I just come back with, "Well, you said I could use red and yellow bowls for both ketchup and mustard." You say, "I didn't mean BOTH!" And I say, "Well, why did't you say so?"

Anyway, I don't see the appeal for making a programming language more like English. English must be one of the least precise languages on the planet. That's great for rhetoric, poetry, and prose, but not for programming. I see nothing wrong with using a few more lines to get your point across as precisely as possible.

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