SWF Is Not Flash (and Other Vectored Thoughts)
Subject:   SWF is not Flash
Date:   2002-05-22 04:06:57
From:   wagram
I liked the article but Flash/SWF stopped being a graphic format when people started making web sites in it. Making web sites is the primary reason I will be choosing to use SVG over SWF.

SVG promises to deliver a superior outcome for all users, not just those that can see images.

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  1. Jacek Artymiak photo SWF is not Flash
    2002-05-22 05:22:51  Jacek Artymiak | [View]

    • SWF is not Flash
      2002-07-24 04:41:26  wagram [View]

    • Robin Berjon photo SWF is not Flash
      2002-05-22 12:20:03  Robin Berjon | [View]

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