SWF Is Not Flash (and Other Vectored Thoughts)
Subject:   swf vs svg
Date:   2002-05-22 11:10:37
From:   illiken
First I would like to comment that this was a very good article to read. The discussion of a comparison between the two technologies (as a web designer/developer) I often find lacking on the o'reilly network. Secondly, I thought you were being too generous in what SVG has to offer. Frankly lets be honest, XML applications are becoming more and more complex, and I wish anyone the best of luck in doing something in SVG what you can do in SWF with a small team. I have personally played around with XML applications over the past two years and find XML becoming further convoluted as each month passes. There comes a time when you have to ask yourself Ė Is there a real advantage if I can look at a file in a natural language as compared to a binary format. Just because I can recognize characters and words does not mean that file is the best format for the job. Flame as you may, but if file hierarchic systems in the 1950ís and 1960ís were inefficient, and SGML could not solve itís own issues resoundingly Ė what makes XML and therefore SVG any better?
Clearly, the designing populist has spoken, and SWF via the Flash Player has become the defacto standard because it allows people to be creative as possible given the technology at hand. As for myself, Iím sick and tired of dealing with DHTML compatibility issues or waiting for Adobe, Jasc, or Corel to come out with that killer SVG IDE. For me itís time to see what SWF has to offer using Flash MX.

-- seanF

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