An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
Subject:   Feedback
Date:   2005-10-23 06:16:53
From:   ptwobrussell
Response to: Feedback

Yep. Backpropagation is the standard technique for adjusting the weights and is used here as well.

Good point about there being newer cutting edge ways of face detection than neural nets -- you're absolutely right about that. I chose neural nets here because of the general applicability to solve other problems in addition to the one at hand, and for the coolness factor as well. Lots of people hear about neural nets, but not too many people ever stop to figure out what they are.

As for the overtraining: right again, and that's easier to do than you'd think. And another consideration I didn't mention in the main text is that unlike a tool like a decision tree, a neural net is like a black box -- you might get it to learn something, but there's almost never any way to generalize what it's learned. There are plenty of other factors to consider as well.

Really, I just hit the tip of the iceberg with neural nets here -- like anything else, you could write a textbook on the subject. As a good resource, I recommend taking a look at the excellent chapter about them in Tom Mitchell's Machine Learning (the little blue book) if you're hungry for more than what you'll find on the (inter)net.