Learning the Terminal in Jaguar, Part 1
Subject:   crontab moved
Date:   2005-10-24 06:28:24
From:   hausmeister
Response to: crontab moved

I had the same problem but after some guessing I found the files. It's not a crontab file anymore but instead they're in plist format (that's described in one of the later tutorials but can also be edited with pico). The files in question are called:

The time format is still the same as in the original tutorial.

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  1. crontab moved
    2007-02-23 16:31:41  rupertreid [View]

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      2007-08-28 17:44:40  Jonny81 [View]

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        2007-08-28 17:55:55  Jonny81 [View]

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    2007-02-23 16:31:21  rupertreid [View]

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