An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
Subject:   Jeff Hawkin's book "On Intelligence" is a must read
Date:   2005-10-24 11:41:37
From:   salamon
Response to: Jeff Hawkin's book "On Intelligence" is a must read

While I agree that anyone interested in computer intelligence (or human intelligence, for that matter) should read this book, I think it remains to be seen how seminal it's going to be. He admits himself that a lot of his ideas have not been tested yet, although unlike many other hypotheses, his at least are testable.

I certainly hope he's right, because if so it should make most AI problems much, much easier once the details are worked out. His basic idea is that the human (and mammalian) cortex uses a single algorithm for all of it's various processing and learning. If that's the case, then once it's been deciphered we should be able to apply it to many different problems with relative ease.