What Is Ruby on Rails
Subject:   Ruby on Rails is only one option
Date:   2005-10-26 11:30:03
From:   teejay
Lets be honest, if you are already using ruby then it's an obvious choice but every dynamic language has a decent MVC Framework these days.

Perl has two : Maypole (version 1.0 was released several months before the first version of Rails) and Catalyst (newer, less focus on pure MVC, more flexibility and metaprogramming).

Both allow you to utilise Perl's best of breed Template Toolkit (no other language has a templating system that can match it) as well as Class::DBI which provides a simple but powerful ORM to match that used by Rails.

Perl also offers several ORMs depending on your needs, dozens of plugins for Class::DBI, Maypole, TemplateToolkit and of course the CPAN with its selection of high quality code.

Finally you can't really compare the quality and maturity of Rails to struts, hibernate, etc. Rails and Ruby just aren't competitive with the Java equivilent if you are in a corporate environment.

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