Weblog:   Is Mac gaming still a punchline?
Subject:   Windows gaming?
Date:   2005-10-28 06:15:22
From:   invalidname
Funny... just yesterday, G4 TV (yes, all its non-TechTV shows suck, get over it) was showing a re-run of an "X Play" show from Spring's E3 conference in which host Adam Sessler had an offhand comment to the effect that this might be the last year that they even cover PC games at E3, such is their increasing irrelevance relative to the consoles.

There used to be a joke that the best way for Apple to win over gamers would be to bundle a PlayStation with every Mac. Funny ha ha, but not that far off the mark. When I want remarkable productivity, I head for the G5 tower. When I want some fun, "Soul Calibur", "Final Fantasy" and "Ratchet and Clank" are waiting for me on the PS2 in the other room. Maybe computers don't need to be gaming devices.