What Is Phishing (Or, How to Fight Phishing at the User-Interface Level)
Subject:   Phishing
Date:   2005-10-29 08:50:37
From:   dvetter
In the end, of course, this article is probably only going to be seen by those already well equipped in some manner to fight this insideous phenomenon. I would maintain that the best defense is to use what is between your ears!! If you are involved in customer support (in home computer maintenance- your family's or paid clients), then you must educate your family or customers. If you are just dealing with this issue yourself, your own brain should alert you, and this is what we need to bring to the general public as well. Computers will never be as savy as what we already have within, and asking them to be is the wrong solution. Although it is fine to push a system as far as possible to automation, we always need to make the final decision on what gets through. It would be nice to see a move toward more complete education planning on this (and other) problems.