Amazing Media Player Brings PDA Video to Life
Subject:   16 shades of gray - hmm...
Date:   2002-05-28 20:17:19
From:   cdugan
I found this thread on a search and you are right to be upset at an iPaqer for crashing your party, but I have to tell you this article still has me scratching my head. Casio's E-100 was playing 16 bit color QCIF feature films in 1999! When you wrote the original article about this time last year, I was watching all four hours of "Gone With The Wind" fullscreen and full framerate on an iPaq. I know that twenty seconds of video at 16 shades of gray with low res sound is an amazing feat for the Palm OS, but put in the context of what other PDAs were doing at the time, it is still a major shock to see your review. Yes I was in the wrong place at the wrong time but some context in your review would have been helpful...