Tiger's Improved Firewall (and How to Use It)
Subject:   firewall doesn't work with internet sharing
Date:   2005-11-01 17:28:37
From:   jdb8167
The default rules that are enabled when you turn on internet sharing don't work very well. I installed a second ethernet card in my G4 that I use as a server/router. When I turn on internet sharing the outbound connections from other computers on my local network don't seem to work. The outbound connections seem to lose state information and the return traffic doesn't make it through the firewall. I've been meaning to learn the rules syntax but I haven't had much time recently. What I've done is just open the firewall to inbound traffic on any relevant port such as 80, 25, 110 etc. This isn't a great solution but on OS X it probably isn't too dangerous since there are no services running on those ports by default.

Also, I would love to know how to set up the NAT to allow inbound routing to a machine on my local network. I had the same problem with very dense documentation that might or might not apply to OS X.

I did try an application called Brickhouse but it didn't seem to do any better with either task.

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  1. firewall doesn't work with internet sharing
    2005-11-02 11:52:11  ak2consulting [View]

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