Using IMAP on Mac OS X
Subject:   Using Entourage and
Date:   2002-05-29 12:09:00
From:   mkinzie
We use Entourage on one computer and on another. They handle sent mail and deleted mail differently. For instance, Entourage puts deleted mail into a "Deleted Items" folder and puts it in "Deleted Messages" (or perhaps vice-versa). Also, Entourage couldn't see some of the folders (like "Deleted Messages") that had set up. I tried to set it up so they both do the same thing, but ended up messing things up. Does anyone have any advice on a good way to set these up to work well together? (I know, it's challenging to get Microsoft software to play well with others).


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  1. Using Entourage and
    2002-06-04 11:20:32  tylerkelly1 [View]

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