Technologies to Watch: A Look at Four That May Challenge Java’s Development Dominance
Subject:   Seaside link
Date:   2005-11-03 13:28:38
From:   evoke
Response to: Seaside link

> Which part ?

Well, the puts part for one. It's like grammar erroring: 'I writes well in English' for one. If it's going to flow like readable English, couldn't it have been closer to grammatically correct.

Second, Java on the brains of code monkey everywhere or not, did it have to have a highly unfortunate overlap with the put and get collection methods of map collections.

Thirdly, ok, it's a convention, I get that. And I'm not saying that I love typing out System.out.println or writeBytesToFile() or suchlike, but it ought to be pointed out that when I write something like one of the above that it's clear what happened. i.e. I wrote bytes to a file. Puts is vague. Put to which output stream, to file, as bytes or chars or unicode, etc. Obviously one becomes familiar with the Ruby conventions quickly, but then again, one becomes familiar with the Perl conventions disturbingly quickly as well in some cases, and Perl's love of shorthand conventions is not exactly endearing to the literate programming movement.

10.times is elegant though, I'll give you that. I'd love to see a response to another poster's question of how you hop a 10.times Ruby loop 'for loop i += 2' style, btw, but the partial innovation of first-class ranges is interesting.