Rolling with Ruby on Rails
Subject:   Painless
Date:   2005-11-04 01:38:36
From:   tvleavitt
I was able to get through this, and successfully build the sample application, without any prior exposure to Ruby whatsoever. Very cool... when I think of the endless hours I spent connecting web apps to databases, and how quickly and easily this was set up, i'm amazed.

However, I do have a fair amount of experience programming and using databases, and I don't think I would have been half as successful trying to do this on my Linux box, without mySQL Front, if I didn't have that knowledge. A lot of the database stuff isn't fully specified - that "magic" ID field created by mySQL Front, for example... also, the tools I had did not allow my to specify the order of the fields within the table (i.e., insert a table before another one), and I was unable to determine how (if at all) one could reorder fields after they are created.

The tutorial would be well served by better specifying the parameters to the stuff created in the database... and wouldn't it be nice if Ruby on Rails could handle creating the database logins, table and field creation itself?