Flying High with AirPort
Subject:   Mac/PC mixed network with USRobitics base station
Date:   2002-05-30 13:52:06
From:   gaeldesign
Hello folks,

At my house, we have a mixed wireless network: 2 Macs ("iceBook" & "tiBook") and an HP notebook. Our base station is a U.S.Robotics Wireless Access Point hooked up to our wired LAN (I also have an iMac G4, and my brother has a desktop PC). The Macs all work fine without any glitches (we did have to figure out how to enter an AirPort-compatible WEP password, which turned out to be a long hex code with a $ sign at the beginning). The HP notebook with an SMC PC card running Windows XP is *constantly* having problems -- the connection gets lost, the drivers crash, etc. You're lucky to get more than an hour or two of work done before crazy things start to happen. And this is with a mainstream "PC-compatible" base station. The Macs, again, don't have any problems at all.

All I can say is, Macs rule. :)

Take care,