Flying High with AirPort
Subject:   Hardware Access Provisioning
Date:   2002-05-30 14:42:15
From:   derrick
Timing is everything ...

I noticed today in the "Technically Speaking" section of the Apple eNews delivered to my inbox, there's a nice blurb on Hardware Access Provisioning that many of you might find helpful. I'm reprinting here for your convenience:

After setting up your AirPort Base Station, you discover that while your Mac works just fine when you connect it directly to your cable modem or DSL hardware, it can’t wirelessly access the Internet through your broadband connection.

If this has happened to you, it’s probably because your Internet service provider (ISP) uses “hardware access provisioning,” controlling access to its network by monitoring the “media access control” (MAC) addresses of connected devices. Both your AirPort Base Station and computer have unique MAC addresses, and your ISP’s network is having difficulties recognizing the MAC of your base station.

Don’t worry, though—we offer two simple solutions in this Knowledge Base article.