What Is TurboGears (Hint: Python-Based Framework for Rapid Web Development)
Subject:   Yippie
Date:   2005-11-09 15:56:13
From:   vdubberly
Been looking for a replacement for that sick joke of a language we call PHP.

Considered Ruby because of all the hype about Ruby on Rails as of late but mod_ruby really looks way to immature to risk running and FastCGI is just way to dated.

Looks like this tool has a bright future based on solid foundations and Python of course has an excellent track record. Every python user I've spoken with has nothing but praise for the language.

Party time!

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  1. David Heinemeier Hansson photo Yippie
    2005-11-10 02:19:57  David Heinemeier Hansson | O'Reilly Author [View]

  2. Django
    2005-11-09 21:49:18  adrian_h [View]

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