What Is TurboGears (Hint: Python-Based Framework for Rapid Web Development)
Subject:   Yippie
Date:   2005-11-10 02:19:57
From:   davidheinemeier hansson
Response to: Yippie

What makes FastCGI dated in your eyes? It's providing the backing for the millions of dynamic requests that the major Rails applications are processing every day (like Basecamp, Backpack, 43things, 43places, Strongspace, ODEO, A List Apart, etc, etc).

If you're having trouble installing mod_fastcgi on Apache, then lighttpd is definitely recommended. It's a fast, nimble alternative to Apache that's gaining rapid traction and it ships with FCGI support in the box.

But in case FastCGI shouldn't be doing it for you, for some reason or other, do check out the SCGI bindings for Rails. They're considerably easier to install and work with Apache2.0 among other things.

So pick TG because you like its flavor of development better. Not over misconceptions about deployment.