What Is TurboGears (Hint: Python-Based Framework for Rapid Web Development)
Subject:   Troble Installing
Date:   2005-11-10 06:14:09
From:   Slowpoke
This looks cool, and i'd love to try it, but the quick and painless install isn't as quick and painless as it promises on the lable.

I've followed the on site instructions, installed MacPython 2.4.1, ran the TigerPython24Fix, changed my path so that that /usr/local/bin is in the .bash_profile and ran the ez_install script

Then I got this error

Using /Library/Python/2.3/site-packages/TurboGears-0.8a3-py2.3.egg
Processing dependencies for TurboGears
Searching for kid>=0.7adev-r186
No local packages or download links found for kid>=0.7adev-r186
error: Could not find distribution for Requirement.parse('kid>=0.7adev-r186')

so downloaded all the .egg files as per the instructions to a folder on my desktop, and thats where it all falls down. I assumes the new command would be

sudo python /Users/ffnmk005/Desktop/ -f --script-dir /Users/ffnmk005/Desktop/egg TurboGears

but that generates the same error. I'm not asking for technical assitance here, but rarther a pointer in the right direction to where I can find some answers because I really want to get into this thing. I've been looking at Rails, then Django because of all the nice stuff people say about python and then this came along and twisted my arm, i want a peice of this cake. By the way, I'm coming from a PHP/MySQL standpoint and all this CLI stuff is a bit mysterious to me. I expect it will be a steep learning curve!

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