LDAP in Mac OS X Server
Subject:   Answering My Own Question (Well No One Else Would)
Date:   2005-11-11 20:59:19
From:   Mickwilli
It seams that MAC Os 10.3 Server needs to be setup a specific Way or it throws a hissy fit and leaveds town.
To egt LDAP to work you need to first instsall a fresh version of the Server System OS, Then you need to Set it as a Standalone Server in The server assistant, also tick only AFP to run as Default. Next Step is to update your server to 10.3.9 and then Setup DNS for all the things you need DON'T START TRYING TO DO ANYTHING ELSE and don't forget the dot at the end of the "Map From" address. Test you DNS by typing "host" in termainal (Without the quotes) and press enter, it should return the server's Ip addres and if you enabled reverse mappings then if you do the same but replace the server adddress with the ip address then you you should get the server name. If and only if that works move on to setting DHCP (If you are using DHCP on this server if not move on) up and to test that connect a client to this server with DHCP (If you already have a DHCP server then make shore you isolate your new server and client to test. If that works Move on to setting up LDAP.
Before you go any firther RESTART YOUR SERVER and then follow the instructions on this page to set LDAP up but Don't wory if KDC isn't running when you start it should come up later if you have setup DNS and DHCP properly.