Secure Mail Reading on Mac OS X
Subject:   SMTP authentication
Date:   2002-05-31 11:03:47
From:   snax
You say:

> (If your mail host insists on using SMTP
> authentication, well, that's a good excuse for
> you to set up Sendmail locally, isn't it?)

That's a bit harsh, don't you think?

We use a common server for our business and
our users travel, using various ISPs and so
forth. In order for our outgoing mail to
appear consistent we have a central mail
server (SMTP host). In order for our host
to avoid being used as a spam generator, we
require user authentication. This is *not*
a security risk since the SMTP RFC allows for TSL
(SSL) and our (*gasp*) Microsoft email clients
will allow for SSL connections when sending
mail. I've sniffed these transactions and
they are indeed secure.

What I would like to see is support
SSL connections for sending, too, so that
I don't have to resort to SSL tunneling as I
do now. I am pleased that I don't have to
tunnel both parts of my communications with
my mail server (with the introduction of SPOP
as you mention above).

I am relatively new to the Mac; is there a
recognized process for requesting new features?

Thanks for a good article.