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Weblog:   Tell The Truth, Someone: Microsoft Deliberately Crashes On Macs
Subject:   There's some technical reasons to be considered, as well
Date:   2005-11-12 09:24:12
From:   actic
Response to: There's some technical reasons to be considered, as well

Did you try OpenOffice 2.0 ? It's nearer to MS Office than ever, although, there still some work to do on the rendering. For me, Pages and Keynote do what I want. And I use OpenOffice for MS Office compatibility. But I still use sometimes at work MS Office on Windows, especially for Excel spreedsheat. In my point of view, there's not yet a perfect office-kind software. And I would be important that an office software use an open doc format. So we are not trap like with MS Office. But you bring a good point : MS don't put enough effort to bring us a very good software, especially for not using the latest API/technology. Is it deliberately made ? Maybe.