Learning the Mac OS X Terminal: Part 1
Subject:   Process cron stealing a lot of cpu time
Date:   2005-11-15 10:31:58
From:   Vilhs
Hi there!
In my university i have a signature of Administration of Operative Systems and i've started to study the cron.
It happens that i made my little experiente on my PB and i didn't turned out very well.
I've edited the crontab file like this: */0.5 * * * * echo ola
And i saved it. Nothing happened! Then i erased the crontab file eith the command cront tab -r.
Few days later i realized that my battery life was strangely running out in a very fast way. I looked at the activity monitor and there was the cron process running and consuming a lot of cpu time. I tryed to kill, wich actually happened,but you know, the cron actualizes every 1 minute, so i can't get him out of my process list.
What can i do?(besides lowering the process priority)

Thank you for the attention! Greetings!