Using IMAP on Mac OS X
Subject:   Account Limits -- Bug in or OS X?
Date:   2002-06-02 07:44:18
From:   snfettig
I have been an IMAP user for some time now and when I finally moved to the Mac platform from Windows, I found something oddly annoying with all of the mail programs (Eudora,, Entourage, Mozilla Mail, etc) - I can only view 4 IMAP boxes at a time. With, the other mailboxes always appear offline and I cannot get into them unless I restart the application. With Entourage, the process times out, and I need to wait around 4 minutes before I can open the fifth (6th, 7th, etc) mailbox -- it is always 4 at a time. With Mozilla Mail, it is the same thing... Eudora I couldn't even set up properly. Seeing as I am the designer and administrator of the mail server I use, I know it is not a problem with the Server or improper configuration of the client -- I have many other users with similar setups and they do not have the problem I do. (They are also not using Macs...) I won't go back to POP, but I do see this as an issue with IMAP on Macs for those of us who have many mailboxes that need regular checking.

My 2 cents.