Learning the Mac OS X Terminal: Part 1
Subject:   Terminal to finder and back
Date:   2002-06-02 20:53:37
From:   michal.young
It's grand to have both the finder and terminal interface ... but a little clumsy jumping between them. For example, if I am locally editing a web site with Dreamweaver, and posting it through CVS, then I need to be moving back and forth between a finder view and a terminal "view" of the same directory.

To get from terminal to an application, the "open" command is great ... in particular, to open a finder window from a terminal window, and focus it on the current working directory, type
open -a finder .
(that's a dot, aka full-stop, at the end of the command).

But here's a puzzle I haven't solved: How can I do the vice versa jump, from finder to terminal? If I've got a finder window open on a folder, how do I launch a terminal *on that directory.* It's silly and a waste of time to figure out the path and type it in after opening the terminal window.

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