Installing and Configuring Ubuntu on a Laptop
Subject:   Few tips
Date:   2005-11-21 14:58:08
From:   ivoks
Modem is probably conexant and will work with conexant drivers (I use free version, since I use my modem onl for sending faxes). Be aware! That modem will report as SmartLink. But, it isn't :) (lspci -vvv will give you more information).

Suspend to RAM breaks probably cause you use ATI's drivers. Same thing happens with nvidia driver too, but nvidia provides solution for that. I would suggest using fglrx/nvidia drivers from ubuntu repository, not from vendor.

Touchpad will probably have all functions in dapper. For a period of time it had in Breezy, but driver was downgraded since it breaks more then fixes :)

For sound, install libsdl1.2debian-alsa and you will not ever have to kill esd. This is a bug, fixed for dapper (libsdl1.2debian-alsa should've been by default in breezy).

With ipw2200 i have no problems in Breezy (I had in Hoary) and for a wifi manager, try wifi-radar - daemon and a client.