Ruby the Rival
Subject:   Cool-compliance is the new compliance!
Date:   2005-11-21 19:27:08
From:   MarkAufflick
In my blogged commentary on this article ( ) I picked up on the comments by Robert Cooper about how Java can seem like an also-ran in the categories it is supposed to be pre-eminant in.

He says you look at Flash(plus Flex/Laszlo) and it crushes applets in both "cool" (get me to a good user experience quickly) and "powerful" (I get data binding/SOAP/XML-RPC/etc. for free).

You could also read the features he calls "powerful" as cool - in a technology way.

That made me think of how the iPod is invading popular thinking, and Apple's engineering ethos with it. Perhaps "cool" is becomming even more powerful than buzzwords in pleasing corporate and individual consumers of technology.