Ruby the Rival
Subject:   RIFE and RIFE/Crud are a Java answer
Date:   2005-11-22 00:05:57
From:   gbevin
I suggest that you take a look at RIFE and the sibling RIFE/Crud project:

Instead of copy/pasting the feature list, I'm pasting some quotes:

"Bruce Tate:
RIFE is absolutely moving in the right direction.

I think we'll all be using a continuation based approach in the next two or three years or so. It's just too compelling to do things any other way.

With your work, we're one step closer to simple application development in Java. I like the way RIFE is stretching Java."

"David Heinemeier Hansson:
Good job!

Despite the fact that we obviously look differently upon technology, I'd just like to recognize the good job you're doing pulling Java into a more modern world. RIFE certainly presents itself better than the vast majority of Java tech out there. One should almost think it was a Ruby project ;)."