Getting the Video out of Your New iPod--for Cheap!
Subject:   Easier Way
Date:   2005-11-24 11:51:25
From:   SamKingston
As a former iPod phone support technician, I'll let you folks in on a not well guarded secret: the AV cable to connect your iPod to your television is covered by your warranty whether you have one or not. The process is very simple, go to this site: and fill out thr required information, say that there's a problem with your nonexistant AV cable, they'll send you a new one within the next 2 weeks. Same process works for earbuds, I'm on my twelthf pair and I don't even own an iPod anymore. It works for and product that they don't ask for credit card info for, because if they do, that means they want you to ship the faulty one back after you receive the replacement.

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