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Subject:   Ugrading XCode to 2.2 did correct my PHP version number
Date:   2005-11-29 08:15:53
From:   larrycummings
Response to: Ugradeing XCode to 2.2 did correct my PHP version number

(can you fix the spelling error on my previous comments title? Cheese, How about a comment preview guys? They are catching on I hear!)

Ok thank you for posting this Drupal works much better on my local mac now. No 2 second page delays.

I have Zend Optimizer installed and this does not conflict with it at all.

I did have slightly modify these instructions... as the extension_dir directive was not point at anything but the local folder. You may have covered this in you "secure php.ini" article, but I didn't read that. I just copied the file from it's "preferred" install directory to the one I appended to the local directory in my php.ini.

Thanks again!


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