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Subject:   More info re: speeding up Drupal 4.6.3
Date:   2005-11-29 09:59:23
From:   larrycummings
I wanted to post a side by side comparison of the "pre" eaccellerate dynamic module load time and the "post" eaccellerate dynamic module load time for drupal 4.6.3. So after installing the dynamic module by inserting all the requisite php.ini strings, Drupal 4.6.3 was in fact much faster.

note this is on my mac, and no effort whatsoever has been expended in determine who else this may or may not happen to.

So to get back to this "pre" optimzed state, I removed all the php.ini paramters that this article had me add after Dynamic Extensions (the bit that begins begins with extension=""). Then I re-requested a drupal page or two (note I haven't started putting any content into Drupal and am using the default installation).

It performed just as fast as it had with the dynamic extension configured php.ini.

So, is it possible that by upgrading XCode to 2.2 I also "fixed" Drupal 4.6.3's "lag" on my mac?
I ask as that's the only other change I made besides adding the eaccelerate dynamic module.

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