GoLive 6: Adobe's Open Source Embrace
Subject:   GoLive's support for ASP
Date:   2002-06-05 20:37:30
From:   eggboard
Response to: GoLive's support for ASP

The preconfigured servers are structured around just JSP and PHP coupled with MySQL because ASP support under OS X would require commercial products. Likewise, under Windows XP and 2000, ASP support is built in, but for robust integration, you might need full commercial versions from Microsoft. That is why I think they excluded ASP from their preconfigured environments.

Syntax coloring: no. There's some color-coding built in for scripting to identify it as a whole, but nothing specific for each language. You could build or perhaps someone would build an Extend Script for GoLive using their SDK that would add this ability. Check Adobe Xchange ( to see if they offer anything like this.

ASP development isn't supported directly, but you can code in ASP without GoLive messing up the code. It can't preview it directly, which I believe Dreamweaver can if everything is connected up correctly.

The Dynamic Content module of GoLive 6 supports ASP (as Dynamic Link did in GoLive 5) through GoLive's interface: it writes specific ASP code to handle database access.

Hope this helps!