Weblog:   AJAX and Java: Toolbox
Subject:   AJAX replaces JSP tags
Date:   2005-11-29 14:25:07
From:   kebernet
Response to: AJAX replaces JSP tags

Again, however, the reason I categorized DWR as "invasive" is you have to start with a fresh perspective on the entire UI. What AJAXTags gives you is a clear path for easily retrofitting an existing web app, especially those composed from Tiles or even simple includes, with a path to AJAXy chrome without a radical rethink.

Moreover, if it is important that your app have non-AJAX support, building an app with DWR means you effectively have to reimplement the whole UI layer for the flat version.

You are, in fact, correct about AJAX tags. Indeed, much of its functionality is enclosed in non-invasive JavaScript. This, however, is an advantage. For example: if you encounted one of its standard sliding-doors tabsets on a cell phone or via Lynx, you would not be lost. Building similar functionality with DWR is certainly *possible*, however, requires more code lifting.