Hacking Swing: A JDBC Table Model
Subject:   Good but simplistic
Date:   2005-11-30 15:10:08
From:   DJHagberg
I know it is probably difficult to jam in as much content as you would like in a short 3-page article but I think this leaves off an important area:

- How do you use Swing models on HUGE data sets?

Say your table has 10 million or 100 million rows, wide enough that it is not likely to fit in-memory? According to the architects of Swing, the abstract MVC concepts should be able to handle this, and you only need to query or cursor through enough data to display a "page" at a time.

But I have never seen a good exaple of doing this, especially with a JTable. All the examples work on "toy"-sized data sets that don't refect the real world -- after all, if your who data set fits in-memory why not just use Excel instead of a database?

Thanks for any good pointers you or your readers might have...