SVG On the Rise
Subject:   Some more on SVG bandwidth usage
Date:   2002-06-07 02:11:49
From:   graoutsats
Great one Dean. About SVG bandwidth usage, I think gzip is only the tip of the iceberg in what's coming our way in SVG compression. The mobile industry, through its target devices' restrictions, are pushing innovative work in the area of XML binary compression. This allows for some incredible compression of any XML document's structure (elements and attributes) and by that alone offering even greater compression than gzip. There is also specific compressions that can be applied to typed attribute data. The french company Expway has some very interesting products around the BiM compression mechanism. Please also note that this type of binary compression is lossless and can of course be applied to desktop usage also. Streaming is also an opportunity there. So, SWF bandwidth usage a plus??? I think not.