Bringing the J2EE Cathedral to the Bazaar
Subject:   Here's what I think Sun got wrong.
Date:   2002-06-07 07:18:18
From:   rsv29
Response to: So Sun got it wrong?

Pushing EJB as the solution to all problems and equating EJB=J2EE. They never promoted servlets/JSP solutions as heavily as EJB solutions.
It was only in the last JavaOne where Sun finally admitted that EJB may not be an appropriate solution for many problems.
EJB's are very good at what they do but they are a overkill for many problems. To quote a phrase about EJB I read somewhere "It's like trying to swat a fly with an elephant".
Also where .Net scores is it gives you an inbuilt framework to build the applications and gives you an integrated environment to build all these things.
J2EE also has these frameworks but they are all recent developments.
Aspire is not the only solution. You can also take a look at Struts, XMLC, Expresso, Velocity, Tapestry, WebWork, Baraccuda, Enhydra ...
Sun is attempting something similar with JavaServer Faces(JSR127). I do believe this is something they should have done 3 years ago when they launched J2EE.