Five Fun Ways to Play with Audio Hijack Pro
Subject:   Audio Hijack timeshifting
Date:   2005-12-02 17:14:28
From:   william_s_edwards
I had some problems with the AudioHijack plugins that start AH and cause external apps like iTunes to quit. I worked around my problems by using crontab, the open command and a shell script so that I could time-shift a radio news program from an MP3 stream.

Here are my crontab entries that quit out of iTunes (necessary for AH to hijack it), and start AH:

57 16 * * 1-5 /Users/wse/bin/appquit iTunes
58 16 * * 1-5 open /Applications/'Audio Hijack Pro'.app

cron runs these commands every weekday at 4:57 PM and 4:58 PM, respectively. I put these entries into a file called .crontab in my home directory, and ran:

crontab .crontab

to install them.

appquit is a little shell/Applescript:

#!/bin/csh -f

foreach i ($argv)
osascript < tell application "$i"
end tell

(SCHLUSS means "end" in German :-)). The only failure points with this setup have been if iTunes cannot play the stream I am hijacking, or if I have set iTunes to stream to an Airtunes speaker that does not exist on the network (I am running this from my Powerbook).

I hope this is helpful--Audio Hijack really is a great program.

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