SVG On the Rise
Subject:   may the faster one win the race --- not?
Date:   2002-06-07 09:17:58
From:   flursn
very nice and complete reading, i enjoyed it a lot!

just one short comment: we need not forget that history, especially in the field of computers, showed us several times that not the better format/design/spec automatically wins the race, e.g.

- the standard qwerty keyboard layout <-> dvorak keyboard layout
- the soundblaster standard (e.g. eax) <-> competitors such as roland or aureal
- the ms windows platform <-> ibm os/2

many of which do influence our, which is the developers communities, everyday life.

so, the swf/flash architecture might not incorporate the best designs and concepts, but i do believe there are some macromedia shops (web design agencies especially) out there who might just say: "ok, maybe flash is just 70-80 percent of what svg could deliver, but wtf, we put some 3 million bucks into our development environment, so why switch now?"