SVG On the Rise
Subject:   NY XML SIG 18 June: Visualizing Data with SVG and XSLT
Date:   2002-06-07 15:37:28
From:   xemplify
Readers in New York may be interested in the following:

The next meeting of the XML Special Interest Group will be Tuesday, 18
June, 7-9 p.m., at Goldman Sachs, 125 Broad Street. The speaker will be
Robert McKinnon on "Visualizing Data with SVG and XSLT".

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is a language for describing
two-dimensional graphics in XML. Robert will be describing how we can
generate visual representations of data through the transformation of
XML into SVG images. We'll examine how this powerful approach enables
visualizations that can be tailored to personal user requirements,
driven by user interaction, and optionally based on user-supplied data.
These benefits are obtained by separating the (XML) content from the
(SVG) presentation.

As an example, Robert will show interactive SVG visualizations of
genealogical data, which are produced using XSLT stylesheets. The
example will demonstrate the type of XML processing required to generate
SVG from XML data. It will also illustrate concepts mentioned in recent
presentations to the SIG, particularly ideas related to Sean McGrath's
XPipe processing model, Walter Perry's view of XML processing and Simon
St.Laurent's lexical evaluation of content. Robert will discuss how this
genealogy example could be extended into a REST (REpresentational State
Transfer) based application on the web.

Robert McKinnon is a software engineer at Sakonnet Technology, a New York based energy trading software house.
Currently he is leading the development of a REST based XML interface to
his company's energy trading system. Prior to joining Sakonnet, Robert
was developing mobile financial applications with Macalla Software in
Ireland. Robert switched to software engineering from a previous career
in finance. He has been developing with Java, XML and XSLT for over two

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requires that those attending this meeting be registered at least a day
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Walter Perry
XML SIG Leader