What Is Struts
Subject:   GIve me a break
Date:   2005-12-04 20:25:31
From:   deadlord
The amount of misinformation in this article is astounding. The author talks about JSP and Struts as if they were created in a vacuum and prior to their introduction, there were no other web application development solutions available.

NeXT/Apple's WebObjects has shown us how web development *should* be done since 1995 (five years before Struts appeared!) and since then Tapestry has proven to another reasonable alternative. And in fact Struts is so bad that almost anything else is superior to it. Just check out WebWork, Echo or Spring's MVC layer if you have any doubts.

Struts is popular because it's popular, not because it's good. If you have to use it for political reasons, then so be it, that's life in this industry (see: Windows). But please, let's not pretend it's a well-designed framework when there are much better alternatives available.