Weblog:   Aperture on a PowerBook, Pt. 2 - Raw Files & CS2
Subject:   Aperture, iPhoto, iPod, Raw files
Date:   2005-12-05 08:36:27
From:   etienneg
I have bought Aperture and I am wondering how to use it (developping a workflow). What I have seen of the tutorials look nice but answer only partly my requirements: they start from a clean situation where my situation is a mess with about 6000 pictures without keywords and only the few pictures sent by family members in specifics folders.
Like you mentioned in your last article, I will probably have to keep using iPhoto in addition of aperture (I do not think that Aperture can synchronize with the iPod through iTunes like iPhoto.
In addition, none of my three cameras raw file format is recognized by Aperture or iPhoto. Only one of them is recognised by Photoshop raw image but I have recently discovered that the two others are supported by the latest beta of the DNG converter. I have not tested if the converted pictures are acceptable to apperture or iPhoto.
The conclusion of this is that you have great opportunities for articles and books to help people like me!