Weblog:   Aperture on a PowerBook, Pt. 2 - Raw Files & CS2
Subject:   Camera Raw + Aperture = No sense
Date:   2005-12-05 11:41:14
From:   LouM
Derrick, it doesn't make any sense to use Aperture with Camera Raw, does it?

Aperture won't recognize any changes you make, so there'd be no versioning of any kind until you re-import a PSD or TIFF back into Aperture.

If you want to use Camera Raw--other than as a very rare case--then Aperture is not the right tool for you.

The question is: Should Apple spend time and money developing Aperture into a product that can use other companies' raw converters. IMHO, the answer to that question is 'no'. Apple should spend its time & money adding photographer-friendly features to Aperture.

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