Weblog:   Aperture on a PowerBook, Pt. 2 - Raw Files & CS2
Subject:   RE: What camera are you using
Date:   2005-12-05 15:19:52
From:   derrick
Response to: RE: What camera are you using

Actually, I'm surprised that wanting music surprises you. I see Aperture as a full-fledged pro tool. One of the important functions for wedding and portrait photographers is the presentation of the shoot. Being able to generate a beautiful slideshow with music right out of Aperture is vital. There's an old rule in wedding photography (of which I don't personally subscribe to, but will pass on because many do): "Make em cry and they will buy." The best way to make them cry is a touching slideshow with music.

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  1. David Battino photo Where Does the Music Come From?
    2005-12-05 15:54:11  David Battino | O'Reilly Blogger [View]

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