Update to Mac OS X Terminal, Part 3
Subject:   nevermind, sort of...
Date:   2002-06-08 15:36:36
From:   jiclark
Well, I figured out how to "sudo mail root", and it worked, so I figure I'll start getting the cron job reports again tomorrow. So do I still have the 'extra' security that the new version of sendmail is supposed to provide? Is that why it's not possible to send mail to root without sudo-ing first?? [I did do the DontBlameSendmail part of your instructions, BTW, does that eliminate the new security 'features'? And if so, how do I go back and make the cron emails work and still not compromise security??]

Sorry to be so ignorant, but I'm a good representative of the vast majority of OS X users: an old Mac hand that knows NOTHING about Unix!!! We all need a little hand-holding through this transition...

Thanks again, John

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  1. nevermind, sort of...
    2002-06-08 21:42:03  jeffulri [View]

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