Bringing the J2EE Cathedral to the Bazaar
Subject:   J2EE features
Date:   2002-06-09 09:48:13
From:   rmcouat
I have some difficulty with the implied assertion in the article that .NET has all the same features. I am having difficulty finding the data mapping / persistence layer known as Entity Beans in J2EE or JDO if you like that way of doing this. I am having trouble finding the runs on many platforms aspect only Windows you say. I also have difficulty with putting business logic in stored procedures of the database. This is a Microsoft best practice but you will have significant rework if you ever want to run the application on a different database. Stored procedures are a proprietary extension to every database trap, I can see why they promote this so heavily. You want EIS integration so you build a web service but oh wait the EIS I am trying to interface to doesn't have a web service to integrate with. With JCA you can connect to an EIS without changing the legacy system - very important. Anyone heading to .NET thinking it is all there will be disappointed in my estimation.

I have to agree with the portion of the article that states we need consistent and easier to use development tools, there is literally a tower of babel in tools out there. There are some very good design patterns books out there telling us how we should do J2EE programming so now the tools need to capture that information so the developer can harness that knowledge more easily.