New Palm TX Forced Me to Address Mac Sync Options
Subject:   TX Experience
Date:   2005-12-10 05:37:28
From:   matthewscott
I also just bought a TX, and I generally agree with your points Giles. The only exceptions are that VersaMail has worked pretty well for me with our departmental IMAP server (on an XServe, no less). I used a much older version on a Tungsten C and it was far worse. In fact, Apple Mail crashes on me once a day at least, while VersaMail on my TX is more like once a week. I also like the new version of Documents to Go. Other than the aging Palm Desktop, the software package is pretty good.

Big gripe with Apple's Palm Sync in Tiger - it's a unified conduit. I use CorporateTime at work, but I only want the calendar. So I install CT conduits, then enable Palm iSync (which disables all of the CT conduits) then navigate to the conduit folder and manually drag the conduits back. Opening the Palm tab in iSync to change prefs will sometimes reset the conduits. It's definitely not well implemented.

Despite the issues, I really like the TX. Here's hoping Apple and Palm can resolve some of these issues.