New Palm TX Forced Me to Address Mac Sync Options
Subject:   Apple Mail Conduit
Date:   2005-12-11 02:04:02
From:   DBenegal
Giles, Thank you for an article I have been longing to read!
I notice you have an Apple Mail conduit. Does this work? Does the synchronize setting work?
I set it to synchronise and it wiped out my mail in after which I have set it as Macintosh overwrites handheld. I can only read mail and not really do much with it after.
I do miss the use of Categories in Palm Desktop which does work well if one is using GTD. I'm wondering if you have found a way around this?
In any case your article may make me look at getting the Mark/Space app. Regards. dev

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  1. Giles Turnbull photo Apple Mail Conduit
    2005-12-12 01:42:49  Giles Turnbull | O'Reilly AuthorO'Reilly Blogger [View]

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