New Palm TX Forced Me to Address Mac Sync Options
Subject:   Disappointed by Palm & Apple
Date:   2005-12-11 10:15:16
From:   coderanger
I wanted to keep my mobile phone separate from my PDA and figured I could use the blue tooth link to dial from the PDA. I never got to try it becausee synchronozation was a featureless morass on incomaptibilities on top of Palm's obvious neglect of their desktop. Why doesn't Pamm instead jsut create more connectivity with Apple apps instead of maintaining that 'old school' app? Plam innovation is an oxymoron. I expected better synchronization 'out of the box'. That was unfortunate and unacceptable for me. I don't mean to denigrate Mark and Space--I hear their product is great and I didn't try it. But I expect fundamental things like iCal, Addressbook, and Mail synchronization with PDAs to be done by Apple and Palm. I don't like paying a tax (intiial purchase and upgrades in perpetuity) to third-parties (no offense to M & S is filling a market need) for capabilities Palm and Apple should provide and which are in reality necessary to receive full value for your purchase. I guess the PDA is not part of the Digital Hub vision until Apple decides they might make one. I returned mine and went back to paper for now.