Rolling with Ruby on Rails
Subject: "Could not Connect to Remote Server?"
Date:   2005-12-12 20:46:18
From:   drexle
I've hit a problem with this tutorial. For some reason, works fine and it brings up the ruby page as advertised in the tutorial, but after creating the My_Test controler, when I type, I get the "Error: Could not Connect to Remote Server". Why would this happen? My cookbook is in c:\rails\cookbook, and the My_Test_Controler.rb is in the app\controlers subdirectory. I can go in and edit the file. I can type the address c:\rails\cookbook\app\controlers\My_Test_Controler.rb into my browser and I can see the file... but can't be found.

What would cause this?

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  1. "Could not Connect to Remote Server?"
    2005-12-13 01:51:08  drexle [View]

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